Why choose an Andromeda Diamond™ for your engagement ring?

Please watch the below video to see some of our stones.
Including: CUTS – Round Brilliant, Asscher, Vintage Cushion, and Radiant cuts
COLOURS – D – (White/Clear), Fancy Pink and Yellow colours

Andromeda Diamonds, beauty and brilliance 
that are out of this world!™
Better than regular Moissanite. LIMITED QUANTITY!
Won’t chip, fade or cloud. Harder than other gems.
Lifetime Warranty.
LIMITED QUANTITY! Buy while they’re still available!
Buy with confidence. 
We sell many different shapes and sizes of stones.
Please contact us for other shapes and sizes that you may need.
Andromeda stones look much better in person,
the pictures and video can hardly
do them justice.
“Wait until you see them in the Sunlight!”
New with Certificate of Authenticity.
Authentic Canadian Arctic Ice Andromeda Diamond™ man made stone.
(This is not a real moissanite or diamond and will not test as one)
Andromeda stones are created in a laboratory instead of being formed in the ground by nature. They are visually identical to natural-grown stones but cost much less to produce and to buy.
Just like natural stones, synthetics vary tremendously in quality and it takes several months to create a batch of gems. Some labs use low-quality processes, therefore some synthetic sapphires and rubies can be created for less than a dollar a carat, whereas high-quality synthetics, such as Andromeda’s, cost much more to create and sell for several hundred dollars a carat at retail. Andromeda’s process utilizes extreme heat and pressure with a proprietary blend of 11 chemical compounds including zircon which creates a diamond like stone with a superior hardness, extra brilliance and fire and an amazing lustre.Frequently Asked Questions:Are your stones CZ?
No. Cubic Zirconia is made of zirconium oxide (ZrO2 ). Andromeda stones are comprised of 11 elements which result in a much more brilliant and harder, longer lasting stone.Can I fool my Jeweller?
Andromeda stones, being synthetic, will not test as a diamond or moissanite, they are often confused with CZ because most jewellers are unfamiliar with Andromeda stones’ composition. However Andromeda stones will always outlast and outshine any cz or other diamond or moissanite replacements.Should I buy moissanite instead?
No matter what, moissanite often has a slight yellow tinge to it. Andromeda stones are flawless and clear, ensuring the best diamond replacement you can get. Not to mention that moissanite is more expensive.What if I don’t like the stone or it doesn’t fit when I mount it?
It is hard to imagine that any one would be disappointed with the quality of Andromeda stones, but if for any reason you don’t like your stone simply return it to us for an exchange or a refund. Simply message us first.Will your stones scratch glass?

Why is the carat weight heavier than a natural diamond?
Andromeda stones are denser than natural diamonds and other stones therefore the carat weight stated in the ads is the equivalent diamond carat weight. The actual carat weight of your Andromeda Diamond will actually be higher than stated in the ad.

Do you do Jewellery mounting or sell custom Jewellery pieces?
Yes we do! Please contact us for more details about your dream-come-true custom made Jewellery piece.

Lovers and friends can’t tell the difference,
so why pay for a more expensive moissanite or natural diamond?

The Best Quality Stones at the Best Prices.

All Andromeda Diamonds are 100% conflict free

What is an Andromeda Diamond™?

Just like a natural diamond, an Andromeda Diamond™ will scratch glass and is extremely hard. The structure and hardness give Andromeda Diamonds™ a permanent durability factor and a “fire” that no other alternative diamond has been able to achieve.

Andromeda Diamonds™ are among the finest alternative diamond on the market to date. State of the art cutting and polishing is what makes an Andromeda Diamond™ a brilliant and stunning gem that is superior to all others. The quality and visual appearance of our created diamonds are truly in a class by themselves. Our stones are COLOURLESS and FLAWLESS – the very same properties that are desired in a perfect diamond. Our stones are superior in quality, being specially made and cut and graded 5A+ and Ex cut.

All Andromeda Diamonds™ are 100% conflict free and backed by our UNCONDITIONAL Lifetime Replacement Warrantee against fade, chips and / or any scratches or defects.

Andromeda Diamonds™ are near exact optical and physical matches to natural mined diamonds, but without the carbon inclusions of that of a real diamond. Andromeda Diamonds™ are an exact visual clone to a flawless “D” color “IF” clarity natural diamond.

The end result is an Andromeda Diamond™ that is visually identical to a natural
diamond. Without performing a specific gravity test or examining our gems
under a high-powered microscope, some accredited gemologists would have
difficulty telling the difference between natural mined diamonds and an Andromeda Diamond™!
Andromeda Diamonds™ are durable and unlike natural diamonds,
they area free of any inclusions and flaws.