Info – Round Brilliant Cut

The 57 facets standard round brilliant is the most common cut that we may picture in our mind when we hear the word “diamond”. It has thirty-two facets on top with the table making thirty-three, while the pavilion has twenty-four, making a total of fifty-seven facets. In diamonds, it is customary to add one more facet, a tiny one on the very point of the pavilion call a cullet.

The purpose of this facet is supposedly to reduce the chance of splitting. Except on diamonds, it is seldom used in the other gems. The standard round brilliant is the best cut when maximum brilliance is desired of medium to high R.I. material.It also produces the shallowest possible round gem. Its greatest use is with the colourless materials, but light to medium colours can be very beautiful too. The only drawback is the weight retention. When cut from a piece of rough, we will have to sacrifice quite a bit of the finished carats to get the perfect round with right pavilion angles that are not too deep to yield maximum brilliancy.