Peridot is an ancient stone, mined at least as long ago as the ancient Greeks. Peridot is also often called chrysolite or olivine, which is the proper name for the mineral. Its colour is its most important quality, and can range from yellow green to a striking chartreuse. (The chrysolite name, in fact, often refers to peridot that is more yellow than green.) The stones have good clarity and are appropriate for faceted cuts since light sparkles through them. They are relatively soft and should be protected from abuse.

Peridot offered protection from depression and deception in Roman times, was used for inspiration and eloquence in the Middle Ages, and was also used to cure liver disease and promote friendship. In general, it was believed to ensure good thoughts in the mind of the wearer.

Peridot is the birthstone of August.

Colour Description
Pale lime to olive green A crystal form of magnesium, iron and silicon. Its colour varies with the proportion of the ingredients. Mohs hardness rating of 6.