Basic Jewellery Care – Repairing

Andromeda Diamonds™ does not recommend that you repair your own jewellery unless you have been professionally trained to do so. Take damaged jewellery in for professional repair as soon as possible, especially if small pieces like stones or links of chain have fallen out – the longer you wait, the more likely small pieces will be lost. Your local Andromeda Diamonds™ store offers a range of repair services.

Probably the best thing you can do is preventative repair. Schedule a cleaning for your jewellery every year. During the cleaning, have your jeweller check for signs of wear, such as loose stone mountings or bent clasps, and fix them before they become a serious problem. Also, if you have bracelets or necklaces that don’t have safety chains or clasps, you may want to arrange for one of our jewellers to put some on. They’re not expensive and they can spare you the heartbreak of losing a cherished piece.